Futurum is a latin word which is generally associated with the “future” or “what is yet to be”. Since we are working with our clients as corporate finance advisors, we believe it is the future that will shape our clients’ business and success.

Who we are?

Futurum is an Indonesian-based financial advisory firm with a focus on providing a balanced analytical skill combined with deep  market

insight and independence in helping our valued clients to make a sound and informed decisions. At the moment we focus our services in the  following areas:

  • Financial Due Diligence & Valuation
  • Financial Modeling : Corporate & Project Finance Model
  • Financial Aspect of Business Plan Proposal

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Understanding the Logic of Capital Budgeting and Building a Basic Project Finance Modelling and its Statistics (Pre-tax Project IRR, Post-tax Project IRR, Equity IRR, DSCR, PLCR, LLCR, Cash Flow Tail, Project NPV, Equity NPV)


Participants from PT Japan Tobacco International Indonesia – Training “Accounting and Finance For Non-Accountant/Finance”

Trainer / presentation =  9

Materials =  8

The exercise/study case =  9

1 – 3 : Poor                                           7 – 8 : Good

4 – 6 : Standard                                  9 – 10 : Very good


Finance Controller, Real Estate Group – Training on “Kerjasama Operasi (KSO)/Joint Operation (JO) dan Joint Venture (JV)”

Training ini memberikan wawasan baru bagi kami, dengan materi dan contoh kasus yang bervariatif. Dengan demikian, kami menjadi mengerti mengenai KSO/JO dan Joint Venture serta ketentuan pajak terkait. Trainer-nya juga informatif dan komunikatif. Secara keseluruhan training sangat bermanfaat dalam pekerjaan dan memberikan pengetahuan.


Corporate Finance Consultant – Crowe Horwath Indonesia

Training Financial Modeling yang diselenggarakan Futurum sangat bagus. Materi training yang kami terima cukup mendalam dengan cara penyampaian oleh trainer yang aplikatif dengan banyak contoh kasus. Sehingga dapat membantu kami dalam memperdalam analisa proyeksi keuangan.

Corporate Finance Consultant - Crowe Horwath Indonesia

Hi Sukarnen,

Over the years I have been impressed with your attention to detail and comments related to our textbook [Berk, Jonathan; and Peter DeMarzo. Corporate Finance. 3rd Edition. Boston (USA): Pearson Education, Inc. 2014].

Thank you again for them, as we are always trying to improve.

Peter M. DeMarzo
Mizuho Financial Group Professor of Finance
Stanford Graduate School of Business | Stanford, CA 94305-5015 | 650.736.1082

Comments on Corporate Finance textbook

Corporate Planning Analyst –  PT Metropolitan Land Tbk

Great training, very insightful, easy to understand. The trainer is very energetic, as a result, will be able to deliver the materials in an exciting environment. Up-to-date data, as well as deep knowledge on the subject.

Corporate Planning Analyst - PT Metropolitan Land Tbk

GM Accounting – Mitra Cakrawala Group

Setelah ikut dalam training Financial Modelling, kami bukan hanya di-refresh mengenai penyusunan forecast tapi juga memperoleh pemahaman mendasar secara lengkap juga diberi tips-tips yang berguna bagi penyusunannya serta info “kesalahan” yang masih terjadi dalam penyusunan forecast. Selain itu juga banyak contoh kasus yang diinfokan serta pengetahuan Microsoft Excel yang di-update, yang tentunya sangat berguna bagi kami. Yang terpenting juga karena cara peny… Read more

GM Accounting - Mitra Cakrawala Group

Participants’ Feedbacks:
Participants directly create a model of financing that can be applied in practical work.

A very hands-on training so as to better understand the basics of building a financial modeling with Excel quickly.

The trainer masters the material being shown very well.

Directly applying to building the Excel model instead of reading the hand-out only, giving confidence in participants.


Training materials are very dense yet the information being taught is very important to … Read more


Senior Finance Analyst, Departemen Keuangan Intern, Bank Indonesia  – Training: Aspek Analisa Capital Budgeting untuk Sektor Publik & Organisasi Nirlaba

Kami memperoleh penjelasan yang cukup mendalam terkait penerapan capital budgeting untuk sektor publik dan lembaga nirlaba. Banyak poin-poin dalam presentasi yang dapat dipertimbangkan lebih lanjut. Penjelasan narasumber dapat membantu kami memperdalam analisa capital budgeting yang telah kami lakukan selama ini.


Training: Aspek Analisa Capital Budgeting untuk Sektor Publik & Organisasi Nirlaba

CFO PT Jasa Angkasa Semesta Tbk – Management Training on Strategic Company Performance Measurement: ROI, EVA or DCF?

The one-day training course was very useful to us and undoubtedly has enriched our knowledge on Corporate Finance matters. The training instructor has excellent knowledge on the subject along with high enthusiasm and training skills. We are also impressed with the well-presented training materials.

Management Training on Strategic Company Performance Measurement: ROI, EVA or DCF?

As usual, Mr. Karnen gave many new insights in building financial modeling for DCF-based Valuation.

GM Finance & Accounting PT Paramount Enterprise International

I like the methods he delivers the training materials…..sounds like Damodaran

Analyst PT Asabri (Persero)