LinkedIn Group Discussion Subject Year
BVAN* FMV Does Not Equal Transaction Price 2015


Do You Normalize The Risk Free Rate?

Deferred Revenue & Advance Lease in Valuation



BVAN What is the Specific Company Risk – Cost of Capital 2015
BVAN In your experience with DCF, what is the most common growth rate in terminal value 2013
BVAN On IP and Intangible Asset Valuation 2013
BVAN Valuation of Notes 2013
BVAN Unsystematic Risk and the Small Stock Premium. How do you handle it? 2013
BVAN The Implied Private Company Pricing Line, IPCPL – Major breakthrough in cost of capital estimation for small privately held businesses. 2013
BVAN Normalization of expenses under IFRS fair value? 2013
BVAN Do you consider the Short Term Debt? 2013
BVAN What is the value of debt? 2013
BVAN Iterating the Weighted Average Cost of Capital 2013
BVAN Does anyone can help me on business valuation of a company which is distributor of Diesel Engines…… 2013
BVAN Valuation of Goodwill 2012
Valuation Is there a recommended ratio of composition of enterprise value generated from the projected period and that from the terminal value? 2015
Valuation Firm Value and Accounts Payable 2015
Valuation Hamada Equation 2015
Valuation The Gap between Theory and Practice of Firm Valuation: Survey of European Valuation Experts 2015
Valuation Discount rate to arrive at present value of post-employment benefits IAS 19 2013
Valuation A fundamental problem of risk-pricing and valuation … 2013
Valuation Price of Stock Using a Given Formula 2013
Valuation Calculation of the Cost of Capital for a Private Company 2013


WACC – Reported Equity v Market Cap

Are P/E Ratios a Poor Measure of Value



ValMetrics Value creation 2012
BVP** Discount Rate for Contingent Consideration 2015
BVP How Goodwill Impacts Business Value 2013
BVP Does anyone have a WACC iteration excel model that they would like to share 2013
BVP Stub Year 2013
FRV*** Bargain purchase where net working capital and property is less than value of business 2013


Does anyone know of any good financial modeling certificates online?

NPV or IRR (3)



*BVAN: Business Valuation & Advisory Network)

**BVP: Business Valuation Professionals

***FRV: Financial Reporting Valuation

****FMV: Financial Modeling & Valuation

*****CFO: Chief Financial Officer Network – The #1 Group For CFOs

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Subject: Cash Flow to Equity (2013-2014)









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