BVR Yearbook翻译整理(一)

Here I got one pdf file from IACVA (China) which a compilation of selected articles from Business Valuation Resources, translated to Chinese by IACVA (China).

The BVR Yearbook contains some interesting articles about valuation issues and views from some leading valuation expert, such as Damodaran and the new Implied Private Company Pricing Line (IPCPL) introduced by Bob Dohmeyer, Pete Butler and Rod Burkett.

Those selected articles are as follows:


  1. Alternative Model Uses Corporate Bond Yields to Measure a Size Premium
  2. A Fresh Look at Using the Income Approach to Valuing FLPS
  3. Does the Size Effect Still Exist? New Analysis from Pratt and Grabowski
  4. Damodaran Discusses Value Versus Price and His View of the BV World
  5. Damodaran’s Warning Signs that Valuer is becoming a Pricer
  6. How Do You Value a Business that also Owns Real Estate?
  7. Help Clients Squeeze the Most Value of M&A Synergy
  8. The Implied Private Company Pricing Line 2.0
  9. Getting Your Head Out of the Model Valuing a Multi National Company
  10. A Forgotten Statistical Concept Tells Why Your Multiple May be Wrong
  11. 10 Time-Tested Ways to Build a Defensible Divorce Valuation
  12. U.S. Tax Court Judge Laro Discusses Valuation and Expert Testimony Issues
  13. Trade Associations Can Be Excellent Sources of Compensation Data
  14. A Preview of the New Benchmark Resource for Industry Cost of Capital
  15. Opportunities and Special Considerations in the Valuation of Hotels



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