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Dear All,

I would like to take this opportunity to say BIG THANKS to all of you that were willing to set aside your precious time to attend our training class for full two days. I know that you all are different. Though it is always easy to have all reasons to stay in your booth, thinking that just knowing 1+1 =2 is enough for working through your daily tasks, you have been able to challenge yourself to see probably this assumption is not always right in the business.

Financial modeling class is one of many ways to know that 1+1 is not always 2. Business is always about crafting and executing 1+1 to become more than 2...... otherwise nobody wants with common sense (and finance sense) to put their hard-earned money into the business. This applies the same whether they are creditors or they are shareholders to the company

In order to understand what it is that you are modeling, always it is a good start to consider what makes the company's business risky. By doing financial modeling (this is not necessarily for business valuation, but you could apply its principles to many areas, capital investment, project financing, make/borrow or lease, etc.etc), it forces you to think seriously about the value drivers and risk drivers of the company's business.

The purpose of the model is not to show off your Excel knowledge, but to obtain the business insights, and that's why it requires analysis. Please don't live in your MODEL WORLD, BUT ALWAYS LIVE IN YOUR BUSINESS WORLD, WHICH IS A REAL ONE AND WHICH IS WHERE THE MONEY IS GENERATED!

Hope you find all our materials interesting and useful for you and your advanced career path, and it is always a great pleasure for us to know that we could be part of this.

Keep in touch.

Futurum Corporate Finance Advisory